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Government shutdown delays 2014 tax season!?

Due to the federal government shutdown in the fall of 2013, tax season will begin a bit late this year.

The Internal Revenue Services will begin processing tax returns on January 31.

According to IRS, the average wait time for tax returns once filed is 21 days.




- Vehicle license taxes from your registration bill
- Any state taxes you paid
- Property taxes paid if you own property
- Any charitable contributions that you have made throughout the year
- Some states still have a renters credit, so you need a total of the rental payments for the year
- Any receipts or mileage related to a side business venture (even if you don’t feel like you really made any money or you know you spent more on it than you made)
- 1099s (including those from any savings or investment accounts)
- W-2s
- Any mortgage interest that you paid
- Any medical bills or expenses you paid including and especially those that insurance doesn’t cover
- Any educational expenses

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Haiti Untold (Must See)


Haiti Untold – Something to Talk About – Fall 2013 Documentary Series

“Haiti Untold” follows the personal journey of some famous and not-so-famous individuals, including Sean Penn, Donna Karan, Georges Laraque and more, in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake…

Broadcast Premiere – October 3, 2013 on DIRECTV’s AUDIENCE Network @ 8:00PM!